Spatial skills

Did you know? Half of the vital climate variables identified by the UN’s Global Climate Observing Systemare only adequately observable from space. Understand climate change is simply inconceivable without the array of sensors around our planet.

However, despite the invaluable data satellites provide, space remains inaccessible to many. Translating this abundance of data into meaningful insights and narratives that depict the stories of communities, cities, countries, and our planet seems like an impossible prospect for most.

At GEO-Academy, we believe space should be accessible to all. Our aim is simple but impactful: bring space into classrooms by empowering educators. Our strategy revolves around training teachers in accessing, analysing, and effectively communicating our planet’s stories. Based around a selection of core GEO-Concepts, we will make space down to earth with practical and implementable teaching resources.

If you’re a teacher, or work anywhere in education and you want to develop space skills, we’re here for you. We’re currently in the process of developing a range of tailored training activities and resources. These resources are designed to align with your curricular needs, accommodate your busy schedules, and are based on state-of-the-art pedagogical models.

In 2024, we’ll start working with small groups of teachers to perfect these materials and begin building a community of innovative educators across Europe. If you want to join us, connect with us on social media, and visit our website:


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